Technical Issues

Not a fan of the… “sorry I haven’t posted” type of post – but I wanted to share my pain. Right in the middle of three projects and my computer…

…my computer has created a black hole of awful that we are still recovering from.

So just a quick post today.

Saw some comments about my BoL/Shadowrun project – still plugging away at that and will start putting stuff up as soon as I’m live again.

Also straightened out the PDF of my old game, Legends of Ryllia – which I hope to have up early next week… that was a trip down memory lane. I’m actually a little excited about sharing it with the world. It’s raw, but like I said, lots of memories.

Finally caught up on the Harry Dresden novels – fantastic. I still don’t get how The Dresden Files can be so good and the Codex Alera was so awful…

But, stay tuned – I’ll get the computer up and live again soon and then – early next week I’ll be back with some gaming goodness (well, I guess all of you will be the judge of that).

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5 responses

  1. So have you dropped the plan to play Arcanum again?

    1. Not really. I’d love to be running Arcanum – I just don’t have a group right now… so I’m keeping myself busy with projects.

  2. Dave Kleinfelt | Reply

    Good to hear that Shadowrun/Dogs of War is forthcoming – maybe drop a line about it at Lords of Lemuria as well, to pique interest. I am a bit surprised by the rather low amount of hacks for BoL and Mini 6, compared to Savage Worlds, for instance – it would be easier to convert to the former two to my understanding, but I have a theory that most BoLers are rather lazy… :) I have done a few for personal use (not publishable); one Western and one sci-fi, and it is the boons/flaws that takes time imo.
    There has also been talks/attempts to convert Star Wars to BoL but no concrete has surfaced. Would love that as much as the Shadowrun setting, finally playable.

    Regarding ShadowHack – would be sweet to get those fonts and overall look for the DoW/ShadRun character sheet and conversion, hint hint.

    Bring the noise!

  3. Huh… I hadn’t really considered trying to track down any of the fonts… I’m not really looking to “publish” this Shadowrun/BoL thing either. I’m doing it for myself and I’ll share it here just for fun.

    But I’ll definitely drop a line when I get it up on the blog.

  4. Still waiting to get my hands on the 5th edition of SR, with no intention of using the rules as written – I will stick with a Dogs of War/BoL-conversion.

    I guess Cyberwear etc are easiest to handle as boons/flaws, but rules for mages and shamans might be harder to get right.

    There are some BoL gone Cyberpunk discussions here that might be useful for your conversion:

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