“Wish I’d Thought of That” No. 1

Sometimes you encounter an idea, so simple, that works so well, and you think, “Wish I’d thought of that!” Well, that’s what this is all about… simple, awesome gaming ideas I wish I’d thought of first.

Dragon Age Pen and Paper RPG.
I was planning to write a full review of the new Dragon Age pen and paper RPG, and I still intend to in the next few days, but one idea that really impressed me is the system of Stunt Points.

The Dragon Age mechanics are a very simple system based around 3d6. Roll the three, add modifiers to the total and you’ve got your success number. One of these is a special die, different color than the other two. Rolls for combat are the same.

The stunt point system is a combat add-on based on the odd colored die. Any time you roll doubles on an attack roll (and that attack roll hits), you also earn a number of stunt points equal to the number on that special die.

What I’m most excited about is the fact that stunt points aren’t something you hold onto, something you bank. They have to be used immediately when earned or they are lost. They can be traded in for a variety of actions, like extra attacks, extra movement, and other unique effects. Because they have to be used immediately, stunt points have the potential to really change the feel of a combat.

Really simple mechanics, really cool idea. I wish I’d thought of that.


2 responses

  1. I cannot wait for your review of the Dragon Age RPG. I am very impressed with it and can’t wait to run something in it.

    I think the most comparable thing to stunt points would be a ‘critical hit’ in D&D. Both are a certain die roll that produce extra effects. However, in Dragon Age, it makes the game much more dynamic because it’s not just ‘max damage’. It gives a mechanic to allow a player to add a flare to his attacks that really give the fight character, rather than ‘I hit it with a sword really hard’.

  2. I knew they were planning a pen and paper version, but didn’t realize it had been released yet. From the video game, the system seems like it would try for “realistic and bloody” a la WFRPG. How do the two compare?

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