Pre-Spring Break Post

Spring break starts in just about 2.5 hours… I’ll be back to post right after my exam…

Until then, I found this while roaming the blogosphere today and I just had to share it. Go, read, comment, enjoy.

Doing It Your Own Freaking Way

I’ll be back…


2 responses

  1. I liked your response. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to lay down a “Fuck Gary Gygax” vibe or just trying to be different than all the other posters…I hope the latter – people can get their hate-on for D&D all day long, but without Gygax and Arneson you wouldn’t see any RPGs on the shelves at all.

    Also, I love gnolls with all my heart. When I run D&D these days, I almost always offer them as a PC race. The exception is when I’m running for brand new players who are already going to be overwhelmed with the array of choices available.

  2. Well, I’ve run and played a whole lot a crazy, so I almost agree. My sticking point is that RPGs are a group activity, so if I “slam the CoC book on the table” I might suddenly have no players.

    I’d love to run a 3.5 game where the PCs are baatezu, but no one wants to play it. Such is life. If I demand that my current players in some other game roll up baatezu, they might do it, but then they would be miserable and quit because they don’t love baatezu society like I do.

    As far as not being afraid to play whatever edition you want, or bending some rules, yeah I agree. But you really should talk to the players about what everyone wants to play.

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