Madicon Prep

It’s Wednesday and Madicon is this weekend. I have two events planned for this convention. I will be running a Battletech “pink-slips” tournament. This is a really fun way to play Battletech, where everyone buys in to get a pre-painted ‘Mech with a custom stat-sheet. Then, you fight, every one on every one. If you land the killing blow on another ‘Mech, you go home with that figure. I was introduced to this tournament style by the guys from the Dragon’s Hoard, in Staunton and I’ve always wanted to try running one at Madicon. This is the year!

The second event is a panel I am running with Suzanne Tice. We are going to talk about running small cons, with a focus on college cons. I’ve worked with several conventions over the years, from the planning stage, to the running, including cons at two different colleges. I am hoping we can impart some good advice, generate some ideas, and perhaps inspire someone at another school to give this a try. I always need another event to attend.

So, this week has mostly been about painting ‘Mechs. Here’s hoping I might see you this weekend, across the table, fighting for a ‘Mech or two (or three).


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