A Blighted World

“Two thousand years ago, the greatest of the Dwarven Citadels tore free from the mountains and rose into the sky. They left just in time to avoid the Devastation. The seas rose, the land rumbled, storms lashed the plains, the mountains spit fire and the races of the world thought the End had come. But we did not all die. Now, the lands have grown fertile again, the worst of the lean times are behind us, and for three generations, we have begun to explore this changed world our ancestors once thrived in. All is not as it was… Welcome, to the Blighted World.”

The Blighted World

The Blighted World

So, this is a new campaign setting I’m working on for D&D 4e. I’m ditching almost all the fluff and starting over, but the mechanics will remain pretty consistent. Some of this is just a desire to experiment with 4e, and some of it comes from reading Jack Vance again. This is only the beginning. More to come.


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  1. I love this. Do the dwarves rule over the Blighted world though? And why always dwarves? Why not another cool race… like… gnomes?
    Anyway, I like this concept. I prefer “points of light” over vast cities. Much like I preferred “The Boxcar Children” over any of the other books involving them. You did send me a connection to the fluff of this new world, I suppose many of my questions could be further answered there… Like whether or not the dwarves are things of myth or if they are present in every day life. I’ll go read that and we can hash out some stuff. I’m excited to play DnD again, I miss it a lot, more than I thought I would.

    Good times RG, Good times.

    -The Lo

  2. The dwarves do not rule the world, but they are instrumental to the world. Those dwarven citadels on the map represent the dwarven strongholds which are hubs of trade connected by skyships. If you wanted you could probably do an entire heroic tier game (maybe even paragon) where you never go to the ground…

  3. I actually laughed with glee. You could run a skyship game of high sky adventure! Like Pirates! visiting all sorts of crazy races a la Pirates of the Dark Water (Of course, that was your idea wasn’t it?)

    That is brilliant. Characters can be whatever they want, whatever flavor they want (within reason, of course) given the destruction and recreation of the world?

  4. Well, hopefully, I’ll have time to post some more about the changes to the races and classes this week. I have two major assignments due AND the Writing Conference to present at on Friday… So, we’ll see.

    Also, I’m going less for Pirates of Dark Water and more for Thundarr the Barbarian though I suppose the two have a lot in common, so it may not really matter much which one is your source.

  5. Wren is so much more handsome then Thundarr.

  6. I’m going ot keep an eye on your page and see what goes down. I’d like to see your flavoring of the races and classes.

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