A Little Bit of History… and some other stuff too.

Well, Laura, from TheLoPlace asked about the history of the Blighted World, and how much people in the present know about the Devastation. I thought I’d answer that some, and maybe touch on the settlement I’ve been working on as a starting location for games in The Verdant Coast, Fort Gar.

Short Historical Sketch of the Blighted World
Two thousand years ago, the world was a far different place than it is now. Great empires covered the land, and the people of the natural world shared many things with the denizens of the Feywild, as well as other planes. But those ties were severed, those empires toppled, by the Devastation, a blight so terrible the world took century upon century to recover.

In those days, the dwarves living in what are now called The Broken Crags, found a stone deep in the bowels of the world. This stone spoke to the miners who uncovered it, and they, listening, brought the Stone to their king. The king of the dwarves listened too, listened to prophecies of great doom whispered by the Stone. These prophecies were long in coming to fruition, but very specfic, naming the time of the doom to the day. They were oddly vague as well, for though the world was to be shaken to its foundations, the nature of the great doom was not known.

Armed with this knowledge, the king of dwarves called together a grand council of dwarven lords. The dwarves were a great civilization in these days, masters of war and artifice, and their kingdoms spanned the continent, from range to range, mountain to mountain. For all their magic and might though, the Lords who attended this council also fell under the sway of the Stone. When they returned from the council it was with bold, terrible plans to escape the impending doom. As ordered by the Stone, they did not share their knowledge with the other kingdoms of the time, preparing only their own people for survival.

Fifty long years passed, and slowly the dwarves retreated from the world. The greatest dwarven artificers and ritualists worked lifetimes to bring their race’s salvation to success, to be ready for the end. As the time grew close, these great arcanists began the mighty rituals they had devised, and at the exact hour appointed by the Stone for the Devastation to begin, the most noble of the dwarven citadels tore away from their terrestrial bonds and whole mountaintops ascended to the sky.

The power unleashed by this ritual was the Stone’s goal all along, and even as the dwarven citadels ascended to the sky, the Stone funneled this power and triggered immense disasters all over the world, causing volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes to shake cities to rubble, the tides to change, and vicious weather never seen before.

When the dwarves realized what was happening, and why the king of dwarves sundered the Stone even as its power drained the ritual to the point where the dwarven citadels would have fallen. The shattering of the Stone was so destructive though, that the king’s citadel was unable to remain aloft and crashed somewhere in the deserts of Al’ara. And so the world was trapped in the long decline of the Devastation.

Over 1700 years later, what little was left of civilization began to recover. The weather and destructive upheavals have settled, some pockets of life have begun to raise cities again, and kingdoms. The world is changed though too. Races that were once true men have become something other. New monsters roam and some of the familiar too have been changed. History is but legend and knowledge is hoarded by those with enough to know its worth.

It is in this world our adventurers find themselves. The past lies in ruins. The future beckons.

— So, this was long enough I’ll save Fort Gar for another day. Gives me time to work with it a little more.


3 responses

  1. I love this. The evil Stone is a little strange, but then, I think, great, ancient evil is clever in that it does not look the part. The tragedy of the dwarves is done quite well. I want to know more about the Dwarf King. I think I’d like him a lot…

    You make me want more! This is excellent! I’m guessing the Dwarf King did not survive… but I’d love to set up/go on an adventure involving the ruins of the palace.

    You’re doing a great job Michael, keep it up, and keep us posted!

    p.s. is the stone going to remain a mystery?
    – Vague means DMs can play with it as they please
    – Unknown in stories is the scariest part, sometimes.

    ^_^ Thanks again RG!

  2. My thought for the Stone, if I were running the game, would be to have pieces and shards and splinters of it show up in people’s hands across the tiers of play.

    Or, a chunk of it could still be in the ruins of the crashed dwarven citadel, dormant and waiting to be discovered again.

    Or, it could be that the Stone has no power of it’s own at all (that’s how the dwarven king could shatter it) and it was just a beautiful trap created to channel the will of some powerful demon/devil/demigod.

    Or… Well, you get the idea.

  3. Awesome, I look forward to seeing what else you put up here.

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