A Short Tribute to my Favorite Blog

I know I’ve been a little irregular with posting dates and such lately… Starting tomorrow, I’m going to try and get back on a genuine MWF posting schedule, with real posts devoted to what’s going at the intersection of Me and Gaming.

That said, I wanted to take today to write about someone that inspires me. Someone that is actually too awesome for me to really do them justice… I’ve linked to this blog before, but I really can’t say enough good things about it.

This guy has Cactus Men in his game. Cactus Men that have to snap off their natural spines to wear armor. This world has bits that are begged, borrowed or stolen from anything that moves, a ton of original material added to it, and a healthy dose of “too cool to worry about whether it makes sense or not.”

I’ve been reading the posts recording what happens in the sessions and I’ve never been in a game this amazing in my 28+ years of playing. I’ve run a game that may, may have been close to this awesome… once.

Anyway, if you want some epic reading, about an amazing campaign/setting… head over to Planet Algol and give it a try. It’s my favorite blog. I’ve wasted hours reading there. And I can’t wait until he puts out his Planet Algol Guide. It’s gonna be a must-have for me.


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