Help Needed: Asking a Few Questions


I’ve been busy this week making a huge map for a game I want to start… so I haven’t given the blog enough attention, but this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to readers and fellow bloggers with a few gaming related questions I’ve been pondering.

1. Does anyone know any good resources for learning more about the in and outs of the OGL and its various uses and forms? I will admit to being utterly confused by the whole thing and having some source that explains things better would be extremely helpful.

2. For the new game I’m running, I’ve been looking into systems/mechanics for maintaining domains/households/empires at the game table. I’ve reread the systems in Houses of the Blooded, Birthright, a system from a Dragon Magazine article (Issue 293, March 2002), and the system in the old GURPS adventure, Harkwood. None of these really do it for me. They are either too vague, too intensive in book keeping, and they all are written with relatively small domains in mind.

Ideally, I’m looking for a system that is relatively light on paperwork and scales well from small domain to empire level. I guess a fairly abstract system would be nice… If I can’t find one I’ll have to make one, but I thought I’d ask first.

3. I’m also curious if anyone out there is involved in the running or planning of gaming/fantasy and sci-fi conventions? Specifically, smaller scale conventions in the hundreds of attendees rather than thousands of attendees range. I’m working on a project to help codify planning for a smaller convention and I’d love some input — especially about the best places on the web to advertise the convention. I have something of a plan in mind, but I’d like to talk to more people before getting excited.

Any help with any of these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I hope by Friday I can have some images of the map I’ve been working on and I can start talking about that setting.


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  1. 1. I’d drop an email to any of the OGL publishers out there. They’re usually very willing to help, or at least point you in the right direction. Of course, one of the first things when dealing with any contract is to find a lawyer to advise you because FREE advice is worth every penny you pay for it.

    3. Dan Repperger from Fear the Boot has been running Fear the Con for a couple years now. He also started which may help you out. If you need to know about gaming tracks and events, Tim Nightengale runs the events at Norwescon. I’ll tell both these guys about this blog and rely on them to comment.

    For advertising… well, say no more. I manage ads on most of the larger gaming sites (RPGnet, EN World, Kobold Quarterly, Obsidian Portal, etc.) If you’d like to place ads, drop me an email.

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