A Few Things I’ve Made

I’ve been writing a lot lately — and on the blog that’s shown up as posting about everything game-related that comes to mind. After Monday’s post about beginning work on Ryllia again, I found myself working on the writing instead of thinking about what I’d be writing today… Luckily I had something on the back burner that I’d been meaning to post for a while and it just never seemed like a good time. Last year my gaming life was split between two 4th Editions. The first was D&D — and that love affair has ended. The second though, was Shadowrun 4th Edition (or Anniversary Edition, if you prefer) and I still love that game. One of the most exciting parts of Shadowrun is building your character (This is exciting with most games, but for some reason I find SRA really fascinating when crafting a character). Overall, I really enjoy just sitting down and juggling the points and building amazing runner PCs. When I was running the game though, I discovered that for new players, juggling the points was sometimes a daunting affair and our tables suffered a lot of poorly done math — usually not in the PCs favor. That happens with point-buy systems…

To that end, I sat down and created a character creation worksheet for players to use as they built their characters. It’s not really much, but it’s a handy organizational tool and my players (and the GM of the next game I was a player in) really seemed to enjoy using it. It seemed to help organize thinking and keep points a lot straighter during character creation.

Shadowrun 4E Character Creation Worksheet1

And since I absolutely love making sheets and layouts — I am a tech writer after all — my girlfriend, who has developed a strong attachment to Savage Worlds, asked me to create a sheet for laying out NPCs. So, I sat down and came up with a worksheet for a game master to design/layout up to four NPCs on one page — and I created it landscape style to hopefully fit better behind the GM screen.

Savage Worlds NPC sheet

Anyway. I hope you enjoy these. I made them for my (and some friends) use in our home games, but I love doing this kind of stuff, so I hope that if you are into Shadowrun or Savage Worlds you can get some use out of these and let me know what you think.

Now I’m going to get back to working on my own game!

Thanks for reading.


3 responses

  1. Made a small edit. I realized that I posted an old version of the Shadowrun worksheet, so I removed it and replaced it with the final version I had created. It just fixes the “Gear” space and adds a section next to the character name for the total number of build points spent on the character.


  2. I, also, like building characters but so far I have found the Shadowrun 4 system a bit to fiddly for my tastes. The range of options are impressive but it just seems to get bogged down in practice.

  3. I just got my copy today, and have only had a chance to flip through it. I have no idea what to expect, but I like to practice optimism… (to learn how ;} )

    I’ve downloaded your worksheet, and in glancing at it, I know to expect some interesting changes. I’ll let you know how much the sheet helps me afterI wade into character generation. This is just personal interest, though, so it may take a while.

    Thanks in advance~

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