And I’m Back — With Mary Sue

So the weekend turned into two weeks. I was hired by my local university for my first work as a professor — and I’m still working on my own post-grad work, which explains the delay…

Now, without further ado:

The Dark and Romantic Adventures of Mary Sue

I do have some following ado though. As you’ll notice, this is a very simple game — just six pages, and I hope to try it out as a fun little convention game sometime (maybe Madicon!) and I have at least one local player who keeps asking me, “Hey. Can I play a Mary Sue?”

Anyway, read and enjoy — I had fun writing it and it was just a lark, so don’t take it too seriously. Just have fun. As to my perceptions of the project. Well, this is kind of my answer (tongue-in-cheek) to the question of “how would you make an indie game?” I put the burden very firmly on the game master types. I mean — obviously players have a lot of power in this game as well, but instead of legislating that power I tried to balance it with the Drama Resolution Points. I also wanted to simply be optimistic that players and GMs play for the same reason and therefore should be able to trust one another…

But now I’m letting my biases show… so, again, have a good time and if you enjoy it (or hate it) let me know what you think

I’m still working on my bigger game — Legends of Ryllia is coming along and I’m having fun working on it. More to come on that later, and, I’m going to work on getting back to regular posting — at least two times a week — and my guest poster should be joining again as well.

Thanks for reading!


5 responses

  1. I will give it a more thorough read once I get home, but on the surface I think you have assembled something which will meet your stated goals. Parts of it made me smile… biases indeed! haha

    I will certainly enjoy sending the link to a few ghosts from games past.

    Thanks for sharing~

  2. Thanks for taking a read and I’ll be interested to hear more of what you have to say on it. I’ll be posting again tomorrow with some design explanation and feedback to some of the face-to-face commentary.

  3. Well, I can see that the game is essentially playable, although if the wrong mood crept up some contentious players or storykeepers could certainly find lots of things to exploit for fun ruination by virtue of the sheer amount of ‘no mechanics’ present.

    If you were to apply the basic concept to some other sort of use, I imagine it would be an interesting way to do backstories for character generation and character concept testing. I don’t know about you, but I find that some of the most significant changes in a character idea take place in the first session or two, as the different possibilities for a persona bump up against each other, posture a little bit, then commence the dance~

    So to speak.

  4. I am not sure if it is the doc or my computer, but the font seems really horrible – to the point where I can’t be bothered to read it.

  5. @Dominic

    I’m sorry that it’s not working for you. I’ve tried it on several computers and with several browsers and it seems to be working fine for me. It is a PDF so I’m not sure what would be causing it to change for you…

    I wish I could offer more advice than that, I’d love to hear some more feedback.

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