Disasters Abound

But how do you stat them?

While I was making my Samaritan build that I posted over at the Mutants and Masterminds Roll Call board, I realized what would come in really handy…

When you look at most gaming books, they have points of reference for things like, Assault Rifles and extreme heat and how fast a jet is…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a table with the types of measurements a superhero really needs?

Like, “What effect value would it take to contain the force of a tsunami?”


“What level of effect do I need to stop an earthquake of say, intensity 6?” “What about 9?”


“Without spending the day on google, I wonder how much STR it would take to hold up three floors of an apartment building while it collapses?”

I know the tone was a little wry, but I’m actually serious. Does anyone know of any good resources for Superhero systems that does some of this?

I remember questions in the Rules forum about, “How do I catch a falling plane?” and I know that board has had a discussion of “How do you rule the ‘stopping the train’ scenario?” It would be awesome to have a place where these kinds of benchmarks were hashed out. I mean, really, would stopping a tsunami even be possible with Create 20?

Just thinking out loud.


One response

  1. Well, for the tsunami, you could calculate the intensity or the magnitude based upon either the Soloviev-Imamura tsunami intensity scale or tsunami magnitude scale (wikipedia.org: tsunami) and then estimate it from there….

    Of course, I’m just being a smart ass. I suspect ‘exact’ measurements will matter to people who are stating already established characters. When creating a new character, players will most likely perform a cost benefits analysis on what they are willing to sacrifice in magnitude of there powers in order to get the right mix of powers for the character they are building (instead of just maxing out strength or something).

    However, I do think wikipedia is a good place to start for this kind of random information 🙂

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