The Holiday Drought…


It’s been an incredibly tiring, stressful, difficult semester. It’s finally over. Three weeks until I have to return to school. Three weeks to apply for PhD programs, work on my class, and rest a little until it all starts again… Christmas is coming, and New Years.

And no gaming. Everyone I know, pretty much, goes home for the holidays. So no gaming for three weeks, and having just started a fairly young DC Adventures game, I’m really going to miss it until everyone comes back…

Anyone have any suggestions for filling the emptiness?


2 responses

  1. Well, I usually run something short and stupid over Christmas break (Most of my players aren’t students). I’m strongly considering Inquisitor. Also, we’ll be playing crap at Lost Shade on Thursdays as usual. Have you played Descent? We’ve been playing 4-6 games a week for the last few months.

    I know my games give you hives, but I figured I’d give you some options.

  2. blog more 🙂 or do some PbP

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