Old School Retainers for Dragon Age RPG

I’ve been tinkering a lot with the Dragon Age RPG lately, coming up with ideas for our home game. One issue that came up in game recently was the need to hire a group of soldiers. In search of an easy system for determining monthly pay rates, I turned to my old D&D Rules Compendium, Chapter 11.

On page 133 is a great Mercenaries table. I thought the mercenaries classifications listed there fit a Dragon Age game pretty well. I compared the currency differences between the two games — and compared ideas about lodging and food between the two games as well to get the basics. After discussing it with my GM (yeah, I’m not running this game) I came up with the following list. The classifications of troops here are taken directly from the Compendium and are not my creation. I have changed the armor listings to account for divisions between light and heavy in Dragon Age.

Mercenary Type (Prices are in SP/month; with minimum equipment listed below)

Archer (light leather, short bow, sword) 15sp
Bowman, mounted (riding horse, short bow) 45sp
Crossbowman (light mail, crossbow) 12sp
Footman, Light (heavy leather, shield, sword) 6sp
Footman, Heavy (heavy mail, shield, sword) 9sp
Longbowman (light mail, longbow, sword) 30sp
Normal Man (peasant levy, spear) 3sp

I’ll come back to this idea later with the Horsemen, but for now, this is all we’ve needed.

Thanks for reading.


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