Because I Like Making Tables

It’s been an exciting day. Found out this afternoon I was accepted into my number one choice of the Doctoral programs I was waiting to hear from. Very happy.

I’m also working on a few side projects spurred on by the thinking that inspired my last post, but I’m not ready to talk about any of that yet — and with finishing up my current graduate work this semester those projects will be developing slowly (which is probably good since I tend to be impatient when I’m working on gaming projects).

That said, I didn’t want today to be a total waste, so I thought I’d share a few bits I’ve made for the new Gamma World game. I’ve been reading this and I want to play it so much. It’s insane. So, here are two tables for keeping it wacky.

The first is a compiled origin table for all the origins from the three current expansions. You’ll note that the distribution is even — I did this on purpose. I wanted it to be just as possible to be a Demon Rat Swarm as an Entropic Vampire. Yeah, I love this game.

Gamma World Origins Table

The second is a random table to determine your character’s vocation. The Legion of Gold expansion doesn’t make vocations random, but heck, everything else is, so I said, “Why not?” And I made this table to answer my own question.

Gamma World Vocations

Enjoy, thanks for reading, and if you haven’t already, check out Gamma World!


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