In the Face!

Well, that was the battle-cry of a young lady in one of my superhero games some years ago, but it seemed appropriate. I went to see Sucker Punch last night and I had a few things I wanted to say about the movie.

There may be spoilers in what follows (okay, there be spoilers here) so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know things about the movie.

Okay, spoiler warning duly given. I can proceed.

First let me say that I really didn’t intend to go see it in the theatre, even though I was interested in the movie. I mostly wait for things on Blu-Ray these days and watch them at home. But when I read that the studio may have been a little upset with Sucker Punch, I decided my dollars needed to get out and support Zack Snyder, a director I really enjoy.

That said, I’m still really looking forward to the home release of this movie because I want to see what the Director’s Cut might have looked like. The version I saw in theatre felt HEAVILY edited. And that was my biggest complaint about the whole film. It felt like someone had chopped it up, remixed it, and tried to take a wacky, wacky movie and make it more “audience friendly.” Or something.

So — what did I actually think?

This is how I described this movie the moment I walked out the door: Like Zack Snyder wrote a script from his crazy-epic D&D4E game, optioned it to Baz Luhrman, and then went nuts.

Why Baz Luhrman? Because that’s what the movie felt like to me — and Sci-Fi epic version of one of his wacky tragedies. And the soundtrack, the music, my god, it was awesome. I wanted to run out and buy the soundtrack right away as soon as the movie was over.

Why D&D4E? Did you see the movement? The combat was all motion, there was a lot of shifting and forced movement, there were minions with elites, at least one solo, and a five man (ahem, excuse me, woman) party. Hell, I think the fight scenes in this movie pretty much illustrate what 4E combat should look like.

But did I like it? Hell, yes.

It wasn’t perfect. Far from it. Like I said, the editing choices left me a little put-off, and I wish the movie had been longer, and I wish the peripheral girls had been a little more involved, but I really enjoyed myself. Scott Glenn, an actor I really like was okay — but his performance just made me realize how much we all miss David Carradine.

I also really appreciated the fact that, despite the multiple layers of fantasies involved in the film, I always was aware of what was really at stake and really going on. They didn’t cop out on me Pan’s Labyrinth-style. God I hated that movie for that. I still can’t watch it again because of the ending. I always knew that even with the dance-hall/prostitute storyline going on that none of that was really, and that the other girls were just as messed up as her and locked away in the same institution. It made enjoying the wild fantasies all the more exciting — because they were only that.

The characters were enjoyable, the fantasies were fun, the storylines were wacky-goodness, everyone was pretty — but not gratuitous. I laughed, I got tense, I smiled and I felt sad.

I do wish it had ended differently. But I’m just a sucker for a happy ending…

Would I tell you to go see it? Absolutely. Especially if you’re a gamer. It’s worth it.


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