Viragoi Freebooter for Dragon Age

I can’t help but tinker. Whenever I get into a system, I just want to keep making stuff for that system. And recently I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age RPG. Despite enjoying the video game, Dragon Age: Origins I’m not really a big fan of pre-created, pre-packaged worlds or settings. I tend to enjoy running games in homebrew worlds and so I’ve started tinkering with recreating some of my homebrew material from my 3.5 D&D game world in the AGE system.

One thing that is always difficult to create in games in a way that is balanced is characters with multiple arms. 3.5 D&D did a decent enough job of this — and so a creature that began as something for the players to fight in earlier incarnations became a PC race in 3.5, the Viragoi. A race of four-armed pirates supposedly descended from demons… but to create them in AGE system, I decided to make the four-armed ability a talent, much like the way dwarven magic resistance is treated.

So here are the write-ups for the Viragoi Freebooter character and the Four-Armed Talent the way I’ve created them for my games.

Viragoi Freebooter

Long ago, before the coming of the Shen, before the conqests of Axion, before even the rise of the Phareen, the Viragoi had a proud empire. Spanning the southern continents, the Viragoi ruled the waves, explorers and conquerors. In those days, their empire made war on the Serpent Kings and fought the Ancient Ones wherever their paths crossed.

But time is cruel, and with time all these ancient empires crumbled. Today, the Viragoi have retreated to the last island of their once mighty empire – and from here they engage in piracy and looting, a danger to all ships that might enter their waters.

Playing a Viragoi Freebooter

If you choose to play a Viragoi Freebooter, modify your character as follows:

• Add 1 to your Dexterity ability. Viragoi are highly coordinated and graceful.
• Pick one of the following ability focuses: DEXTERITY (Acrobatics) or CUNNING (Seamanship).
• You can speak and read the Trade Tongue and either Khem or Greci.
• You gain the Four Armed (Novice) Talent.
• Choose a class. You can play either a warrior or a rogue.

Roll twice on the following table for additional benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the results together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different.


7-8 +1 CUNNING

Special Talent: Four Armed

Novice: Because of your four arms, you are a much better climber and a have a very sure grip. You get a +1 to all climbing tests and a +1 to the result of the dragon die for extended climbing tests. You also gain a +1 to all tests to grapple an opponent and to hold a grappled opponent.

Journeyman: You are skilled at using your extra arms in combat. You may use the Lightning Attack stunt for one less SP than normal. If you have multiple talents which reduce this cost they stack. This attack must come from a weapon in your second set of hands.

Master: You have mastered the coordination and skill of your four arms. Your bonuses from your Novice talent all increase to +2. In combat, opponents no longer gain any bonus for ganging up on you, and as long as you are armed with weapons in both sets of hands you gain a +1 bonus to Defense.

Special: Even though you have two sets of arms, both sets occupy very close space. You cannot wield weapons in both sets of hands effectively along with a shield. If you use a shield of any sort, you cannot benefit from your second weapon set. This does not include the Buckler from the Dueling group. You also may not wield two weapons that require the use of two hands simultaneously. You can however, use a two-handed weapon in one set of hands and one handed weapons in the other set. You may not use two bows but you could have two crossbows if you want. This would allow you to have one loaded to use with the Lightning Attack stunt without the need to reload (until you’d fired them both).

Thanks for reading.


2 responses

  1. I like the idea of using a talent to give a character abilities like a resistance to magic or multiple limbs. I like the Novice and Journeyman abilities, though I’m not sure if the Master ability is too strong (I haven’t read through all of the Talents in the Playtest yet for comparison).

    Unfortunately, in leveling a character from 1 – 10, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of chances to get new talents. If I ever created custom races/backgrounds, I would be afraid that having too many talents that represented racial features would create a situation where some talents are never chosen (or even looked at) because there are too many other talents that are more useful. I’m mainly concerned with talents that are more for roleplaying than combat (like Music – no one is going to choose the Music talent). It’s probably not that big of a deal in practice, though.

  2. […] set, I was immediately inspired to create my own racial talent for the four-armed race (see Viragoi) in my home-brew world. This is a design space they need to take advantage of — and I’m […]

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