Kingmaker Beginnings

This Sunday I’ll be beginning the Kingmaker Adventure Path with my group. I’m impressed with the exploration part of this adventure and really excited about getting started. As I was reading the adventure though I realized what seemed to be missing for me though…

The adventure path begins at the trading post… with no build up at all. No lead up. I was uncomfortable with that, especially considering that my players made an effort to get their character backgrounds to be connected. So I’m writing a prologue scene to add the contact-man who hands over the charter to the PCs.

The PCs will be headed to breakfast at the Homely Friend, a tavern voted “best kept secret in Restov…” where they will meet with Gabrien Farees, a young half-elven man charged with the distribution of the charters for the Sword Lords. I won’t be going into details about his stats, since players read the blog, but I’m hopeful this scene will help build up the importance of what the PCs are being asked to do — as well as giving the PCs a face to connect their disdain with.

I haven’t decided yet how Gabrien is going to fit in as part of the larger picture — I may decide to change his last name and have him replace the guard captain who comes to the trading post… I’m just working on making the AP my own in some simple ways.

We’ll see how it works out.


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