Birthdays, Foundings, Links to Games, the DCU and the kitchen sink…

So, tomorrow is my birthday and this year, I got a very nice present — but I’ll get back to that later… this Friday, as I clean house for a weekend full of visitors I wanted to share some very exciting stuff I found this week, and, well, some not so exciting stuff (for me at least). I don’t usually do “link” posts, but I really wanted to share these. There is quality stuff being made out there and the word must be spread.

The Good Stuff

As the sidebar says, I’m running a Kingmaker AP game and my players just founded their (as yet unnamed) kingdom. It’s an exciting time in a young ruler’s life… (I just felt the need to share this, if you have suggestions for Kingdom names, feel free to comment.)

This week I settled in to read three new RPGs that are either released free or are in beta versions that you can download.

The first was Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games. It’s a play on some old school ideas — but honestly, it’s not for me. It seems (after a first read, I haven’t actually playtested yet) to not really be for me. And as I have plenty of old school games already, that’s alright. But, if you liked the grittier old school games that you might remember playing once, then check it out.

The second was a game I’m really sure I’m going to be digging on for some time… BADASS the RPG. Check this out. It is a complete (and completely free game) that looks like a ton of fun. It oozes awesome. That’s the point, right? I immediately started thinking about Kill Bill and Sucker Punch, and Big Trouble in Little China and… well, this game hits a good note with me. This one I do want to try out and you should too! And after you do, go tell the writer how much you liked it.

Finally, the third new game I’ve tripped over this week — a beta test version — is Technoir. This game is a slightly different take on Cyberpunk, with (obviously) a somewhat noir sensibility layered on. It also has a feeling of being something of a “story-game” which I’m not usually fond of. But I’ve been messing around with this for a few days now and it’s awesome. I really want to do a Shadowrun mod for this system and see how it goes. This game uses some of the trappings of the narrative game ideas, but it handles them in a way I appreciate and that works really well for my play-sense. If you like cyberpunk, if you like noir, if you like a great RPG to read, then check out Technoir.

The Bad

Er. I’ve been following the developments with DC Comic’s relaunch with dread. I recently made the decision to stop collecting most everything because, well, it was pretty bad. But DC did have some standout books which were still excellent… and when I saw that they were doing a “reboot/reimagining” I thought, how bad can it be?

It’s bad. Not only do a lot of the decisions look, just, well, odd… but in this case it’s just going too far. Check out the Teen Titans. It looks like the 90s threw up on the team. I suppose this is Jim Lee’s influence at work. Not really doing it for me folks. And poor Red Robin. After everything that’s been done in the last two years to turn Tim into one of the DCU’s best, now this. Erg. I haven’t been happy with almost any of the decisions I’ve seen coming out of DC for this event, but this one I just had to talk about…

The Kitchen Sink

Well, if you have a few minutes and you’d like to show your support — the birthday present I mentioned before — today, my story for the Stories in the Ether collection was posted to Nevermet Press. I hope you enjoy it.


5 responses

  1. Technoir has a kickstarter that thanks to the huge amount of extra funds, has a Hexnoir supplement coming out.

    Details are here: But functionally for 10 bucks you get access to all the supplements:

  2. […] Michael Morrison posted about his first impressions about BADASS over at The Rhetorical Gamer […]

  3. Hello Michael,

    First off, Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for the kind words for BADASS. I’m very happy to see that it got you excited over running it and thought of the same things I had in mind when I wrote it.

    I have to share your dread with the DC reboot though. One look at the Teen Titans picture and my heart sank.

  4. Yes,

    I will be supporting Technoir on Kickstarter — I’m happy to do it and I love the addition of the Hexnoir stuff… that’s quality work and very impressive.


    Happy to spread the word — it’s a cool game.

    Gotta say too, I’ve been dreading each new release from DC. Have you seen Nightwing’s new color scheme? When did we go all Batman Beyond? (of course, I loved Batman Beyond, so that’s not really a negative, but it doesn’t seem to work for Dick).

  5. […] Birthdays, Foundings, Links to Games, the DCU and the kitchen sink… from The Rhetorical Gamer ( […]

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