Kingmaker: The Magic Item Economy…

…or, the Moderate Item Bubble…

Yes, that dreaded time has come, when my PC-rulers have reached the point where they can sell moderate magic items through their kingdom economy. And suddenly the whole kingdom building aspect has changed. Radically. That is to say, the PCs went from having to scrimp and save from turn to turn to pay for their careful and measured expansion to living the high-life of selling items through their economy.

Now, even with them being limited to selling only 1 item per district (and I’ve further house-ruled that), they are still able to easily generate 8 BP extra a turn now — just by selling one item. It’s crazy.

But what’s most frustrating is this: The rules for selling items are painfully vague. That is to say, in order to sell an item for BP, that item must be worth a minimum of 4,000 gp. Fine. But then the rules go on to say that a moderate item is worth 8 BP. Which is interesting because that means that items which may only be worth, say, 5,000 gp generated under the magic item random rolls are now worth 8 BP. Is that supposed to work that way? Seems like a big jump. The Kingdom Building book from Jon Brazer Enterprises changes the value to only being 6 BP for a moderate item — but still gives no guidance about where the value break should be for what’s worth 6 BP (which, if converted as a deposit is equivalent to 24,000 gp) and this is going to be even worse for major items (either 15 by the RAW or 12 in the JBE book).

This lack of guidance frustrates me and it frustrates my players. So here’s the rule I’m going with to make this work better for my game. I hope it helps others.

Value in BP(Economy DC to Sell) Item Cost in GP
2 (DC20) 4,000-10,000 gp
4 (DC 25) 10,001-17,000
6 (DC 30) 17,001-25,000
8 (DC 35) 25,001-33,000
10 (DC 40) 33,001-41,000
12 (DC 45) 41,001-49,000
14 (DC 50) 49,001-57,000
16 (DC 55) 57,001-65,000

Just as the original rules cap the value of items sold through the economy at 15 BP, I top out at 16 BP — Mostly to keep everything smooth in the progression. I’m going to be using this progression with my group and we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also started contemplating ways to bridge the Kingmaker domain building system to other games. And magic items are, again, an issue. If you aren’t playing a game which values magic items the way PF and D&D do, then what would you substitute in their place to boost the economy? I’m thinking about two things — a more robust system for employing “resources” and a more robust trade system (like in Birthright). If I work on it more, I’ll post it here.

Thanks for reading.


2 responses

  1. Not sure what our DM has done for house rules on this but we seem to plugging away. I think one thing we’ve figured out as players is that it’s better sometimes to save up for the really big structures than building small and working up.
    And for the life of me we haven’t been able to figure out how an owlbear destroyed the graveyard. 🙂

    1. The owlbear destroyed our Town Hall. It was an awesome scene. Really fun.

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