Happy Two Years!

I’ve been a little absent lately. The end of 2011 has been stressful and the holidays are always an experience. But I couldn’t let tonight slip by without a post. Tonight marks two years of the Rhetorical Gamer. I’ve had times of being very active, times when I was less (lately) but it has always been fun.

2011 has been an interesting year. Published my first short story, ran a convention, wrote a tiny little game (which I will be re-writing in the new year), successfully ran a decently long campaign for the first time since my last Amber effort, and finished my Masters degree. And I’m ending the year without a game and unemployed, which is a bummer and takes the shine off the rest of the year a little bit. Not all the way — but a little.

As I’ll be job searching, I can’t say for sure that I’m always going to be super active in the next couple of months, but as a reasonable resolution (and in honor of reaching year three) I’m going to commit myself to writing three times a week. That was my original goal when I first set up the blog so I think it’s a fair goal now.

Another thing I’ve been kicking around is the rewriting of my tiny RPG, The Dark and Romantic Adventures of Mary Sue. I’ve had a solid idea for how to rework this to make it better and more complete and I’ll be posting that in January.

My gaming resolutions for 2012 are also reasonable and I look forward to hitting these marks. Despite the quiet on the blog, I’ve been hard at work on my Romantic Fantasy game (currently unnamed) and working on putting a new campaign together. I’ll start writing about the game here in January.

Thanks to everyone who follows, and those who comment. I’m very happy with the little community I have here. It’s been great and I hope it keeps getting better.

So as we go into year three, thanks for reading.


4 responses

  1. Happy Two Years to ya! I came across that hurdle myself not to long ago 🙂 I wish you the best of luck in finding an awesome job (hopefully that utilizes your Masters Degree).

    I look forward to your blogs in the new year!

    What’s your MD in? What’s your small game about?

  2. Thanks for the good wishes. I certainly hope for job soon, I’m looking hard enough.

  3. […] in another game as the reduced prep time is what I think I really need. Secretly, I am hoping Mr. Morrison over at The Rhetorical Gamer is going to decide, as part of his New Years resolution in gaming, to run a game of Amber diceless […]

  4. Belated congrats on 2 years.
    Hope you get a job soon, I’m looking forward to more insights from you this year.

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