ICv2 – WotC to Reprint ‘AD&D’

I will be posting again later today with something more complete — but I really wanted to bring this up. I’m sure everyone already knows, but just in case… Sharing is good.

ICv2 – WotC to Reprint ‘AD&D’.

Made me happy on a sad day.


4 responses

  1. Old School Gamer Dad | Reply

    Same here!

  2. I know, my monster manual has become MIA somewhere over the years what a great opportunity to pick one up.

  3. Yeah. I have several copies of each of the old books, but I’m always happy to get a new one. My DMGs have gotten wobbly from years of use and too many moving day mishaps.

  4. The 1e DMG was my first D&D book, although I unfortunately no longer have it in my possession, so I’m very glad to hear this.

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