I Need a Game…

I need a game. I’ve been GM’ing pretty exclusively (though Jenny has been taking some turns as GM) for a while now. Years, really. Except for a couple of very short Shadowrun and Dragon Age games, I’ve been behind the screen way too much.

Problem is, I don’t have any GM’s around that I can play with.

So I need a game. I just need to be a player again. But I’m not sure how to find one. My local GS is focused on miniatures play, the next closest runs some games but is too far to be a practical solution, and I don’t have close ties to any other GMs. Any suggestions from blog-land?


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  1. No suggestions, just sympathy, I spent about a year cajoling GMs to run a game cause I was burnt out after running back to back (and occasionally overlapping) Adventure/Exalted/Reign/Changeling.

    It is difficult, especially when you have a clear idea what you want.

  2. As a fellow GM, I find play-by-posts can give you a good player experience. Alternately, I have recruited players into my game that I know will eventually GM.

  3. Try meetup.com. It’s surprisingly useful.

    If you’re in a decent metropolitan area, there’s a good chance that there is something like a Yahoo mailing list or forum devoted to local gamers. Google can be amazingly helpful.

    A number of the larger gaming forums have “player seeking player” sections.

    See if there are any small cons nearby. Check to see if the con has a forum/mailing list/etc. There’s likely someone in that group who is already local to you, and in more or less the same boat.

  4. Looking for a game?

    Monday Night Microlite20 (Fantasy) using…Microlite20 and the VTT at MyRPG. I have four regular players who are lot of fun and super-friendly. Monday nights, 8:30-10:30 PM EST

    There’s also an M20 Relics and Ruins (Post-Apoc) on Wednesday nights, also at MyRPG, running from 8PM – 10PM EST.

    Check out the Microlite20 boards for more info or questions.


  5. Thanks for the response everyone.

    Unfortunately, I am decidedly not in a “decent metropolitan area.”

    I am also involved in the local con, having run it more than once and staffing it/volunteering. A decent amount of the gaming programming is run by out of town folks.

    Any suggestions for finding online good games?

  6. Oops, M20 boards found here…


  7. @Crose87420

    Hey! Thanks for the offer. How could I go about joining one of your games to see if you like me/I fit in?


    1. The easiest way would be;
      1. go to http://myrpg.ca/ and register,
      2. then (while signed in) look over the games available listed on the right side of rthe screen until you see “Monday Night M20 – Captives of the Lost Mountains,”
      3. click apply and just type in a name, anything is fine, and I’ll accept you into the game.
      4. on any Monday night (8:30PM est.) just sign in to MyRPG and click on the Captives game again…
      5. on the next screen look to your upper left corner for a tab that says “World,” and click on it. This will take you to the map and chat screen, and then just say hi and watch the goings-on!


      1. Thank you,

        That’s very gracious. I’ll give this a try.

        Should I make a character? I’m not familiar with M20 but I am familiar with old school play.

  8. I’ve idly considered running a game or two on a Google+ Hangout but am concerned that I don’t really have enough free time to dedicate to such an endeavor.

    That said, I am still considering the possibility and will keep you in mind if you’re interested.

    1. If you decide to run that way, I’d love to try it out with you. Thanks!

      1. I might see about freeing up some time to run a few one-off games to get the feel of playing under a hangout. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

  9. Yeah I know that feeling. College was the first time I was able to be a player again, although once I ran a game I’m afraid I was stuck with that hat the rest of my years at Uni.

    I’ve always wanted to try an online game, be it play by post or in real time but I’m afraid I’ve never gotten around to it. I know Google hangouts has gotten quite popular as an online gaming tabletop.

    If you’re looking for a physical game check with your local colleges. Many of them have a gaming club, usually with a website or listserv where people can post for when they are looking for players or looking for games. I would limit your search to anything further than an hour away. Thirty minutes away isn’t too much trouble, especially if it’s only a few times a month, but if you’re commuting an hour you’ll quickly grow to resent it, well, from my experience at least.

  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I am familiar with my local university group. They’re who I’ve been gaming with/running for during the last ten years while I’ve been working on my BS and MS but time (and age differences) have started to make gaming with them more and more awkward in the long term. They’re all great people, but the local group has less in the way of gamers and more in the way of fans these days too. So not many GMs to choose from.

    I enjoyed my two attempts at running online games but I discovered — surprisingly to me — that it is actually more difficult to get people together online and focused on the game than it is in person. Go figure.

  11. I’ve had the same experience actually, it’s been much easier to get people to show up in a dorm room or common area than it was to get people into a chat room or VTT. I suppose it’s because if you’re there physically you’re doing more than just playing a game, it’s also a social occasion. On the other hand trying to get people to commit to an online event is like throwing a roadblock into their social life, they put far less weight on internet appearances than the ones they’re invited to locally. I like to think that a play by post/email game would get around this problem but without ever experiencing one myself I can’t say for certain.

    Have you tried any other schools in the area? If not, as Lugh mentioned meetup.com is a quick way to find any gaming societies in the nearby area. For example, there are a quite a few in my state but most of them are closer to the coast or DC. It’s a bit of an inconvenience for a longterm solution but if I ever feel the burning desire to play I know that it’s available.

  12. Living in Korea, time differences redouble the difficulties of getting people together and focused for online play. I think Google Hangouts are amazing for RPGs, but so far… no luck, no dice, no game.

    I remain undaunted… mostly.

  13. @ Runeslinger

    Sorry to hear that. No game equals no fun.

  14. […] couple weeks ago, in response to a blog post,  I mentioned on The Rhetorical Gamer I was idly considering running a game over a Google+ […]

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