Initial Thoughts: Malifaux

My girlfriend recently decided that she wanted to give Malifaux a try. It’s been a while since I’ve played a miniatures game (other than Battletech). I gave Warmachine a try and wasn’t a big fan, I’ve tried 40K a lot and never liked it. So I was skeptical about Malifaux.

I was encouraged by the fact that it used cards instead of dice and that it focused on small squad play, with each member of the squad capable of acting independently. So she read up on the rules of the game, we mocked up some armies, bought a pair of Fate Decks and gave it a try.

Having played several matches now I can definitely say it is a fun game.

Playing with the card deck sometimes makes turns swingy but on the whole it actually really made for some enjoyable turns. The use of the card deck to allow you to manage bad turns is actually quite fun and can make for some interesting moments when you realize that your opponent just does not have a card left to their name.

I find that I also really enjoy the fact that games can go sideways thanks to the fact that engaging the enemy isn’t always the best strategy. Since each game the players have their own individual objectives — some known to their enemy and some not — the game presents different challenges from many of the others I’ve played.

Also, on the whole, the story and minis are quite interesting.

I may come back with a more thorough examination as we get more comfortable with the game, but for now, I would recommend it.

Also, if you want to try it out, head on over to the website. The full rules of the game and stat cards for the original set of minis are all online and you can play with a regular deck of cards.

Give it a try.


One response

  1. I really enjoy Malifaux.

    The card mechanism is has some weird ramifications for the game (not always in a good way), but it makes things feel more strategic. It’s a clever game, a few tweaks and it could have been brilliant, but better than a lot of the other stuff around on the miniatures market.

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