Three Har Darig Deities (with game info)

Following up on yesterday’s Har Darig myth, here is the game information for clerics of the three deities mentioned in the story.

Har Darig Pantheon

The Har Darig are the people native to the lands of Harseburg. The Darig natives are a proud and fun people with a fine festival tradition and a love of the earth. The people can be moody, with great highs and great lows, prone to thinking of the “old days” but they are also a people given to hope. Their gods exemplify what the Darig are. The Har Darig truly made their followers in their own image.

Brennan is the spring time and the power of youth. The primary defender of the Pantheon, he is a paragon of the virtues of Darig manhood. Loyal, Faithful, Boisterous and Bold are his watchwords and his wisdom to his followers. Those who walk Brennan’s path must tread lightly to avoid excess, but Brennan encourages his followers to be lusty in touching the world, they are to be a part of it, not apart from it. Lead by example, show strength to help others be strong, show nobility of spirit as an example to all that they too may be noble. This is what Brennan and his followers stand for.

His domains are: Charm, Glory, Good, Strength
His favored weapon is the Spear

It is Rhiannon who holds the life of all the world in her hands. She is a goddess of fate, of roads not taken, of choices made in haste and later regretted. Rhiannon is a gypsy girl who travels often among mortals. She has the touch of death about her and is known to walk with the souls of the dead to comfort them in their last moments before she gives them over to the loving arms of the afterlife. Rhiannon is gentle goddess concerned with the world, for she knows its fortunes, but she is also a fierce goddess, associated with fire and the dark side of the afterlife as well. The hells she leads the dead to are sometimes more horrific than even devils could imagine. Rhiannon is said to have been mortal once, raised in death to stand with the gods.

Her domains are: Death, Fire, Luck, Travel
Her favored weapon is the Quarterstaff

Semele is beauty. The Darig word for beauty is Seme, and Semele is the ideal woman to all who view her. She is known to appear to mortals clad in a cloak of fog and morning dew. She is the fair maiden, the shepherdess on the heath, she is the woman all aspire to love in youth. She is also the goddess of magic amongst the Darig. Her blood is said to run in the families that have the power of sorcery. She can be a proud and vain woman, given to self-indulgence, but she is also loving and warm and is known sometimes to send comfort to mortals she favors, though she rarely travels in mortal guise amongst the people of the Kingdom.

Her domains are: Chaos, Charm, Magic, Trickery
Her favored weapon is the Longbow

Not that it ever came up much but in 3.5 I allowed PC followers of Har Darig deities to give up a domain power in exchange for gaining the Timeless Body ability. That may have been a little steep since Timeless Body is really an ability that is almost more flavor than mechanically valuable, it just fit for the Har Darig. In Pathfinder I’d probably allow a 15th level cleric of one of these deities to give up their 15th level d6 of Channeling in exchange for this ability. Just seems appropriate.

An additional note, in Har Darig culture, the spear is the traditional weapon of war, not the sword. Swords are seen as the weapon one uses to kill a foe when it’s personal.

Also, in Harseburg, traditionally, there are no Har Darig wizards — their magic-users are mostly sorcerers. However, in Pathfinder, witches also fit Har Darig characters very well and give them an option for an INT based caster.


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