Scions of Nyarlathotep.

Maybe it’s the exhaustion talking… maybe it’s the end of semester stress…  It might that the GM bug won’t let me go a month without thinking about what to run next…


Wouldn’t Masks of Nyarlathotep make pretty much the sweetest Scion: Hero campaign ever?

Think about it.  Nyarlathotep is a Titan and the various beasties in the adventure make excellent Titanspawn.  The cultists are all built right in and the Carlyle expedition make great antagonists as a group of fallen/seduced Scions.

Even the 1920’s setting would put a great spin on a Scion game.  It’s not like they weren’t around then, and the foolishness of WWI is discussed in the Scion core book and how the gods viewed it.  And with a whole chapter of the adventure devoted to Egypt it makes a different kind of game from the Ragnarok campaign released by White Wolf.  Heck, if you have the Companion you might even get extra mileage out of the trip to England in your game.

Now I really want to do this.


3 responses

  1. Masks of Nyarlathotep is the gift that keeps on giving, that is for certain. Have you read the optional/additional chapter set in Australia?

  2. Interesting that I am just reading Lovecraft. I have no idea what Scions is, nor how Nyalothep is a Titan – but I love Lovecraft and the whole Cthulu game.

  3. This is awesome and suggests all kinds of ways that other stuff can get used in a Scion campaign. I’m thinking of borrowing some of the Invisible Clergy stuff from Unknown Armies for my next campaign.

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