I’ve been a little quiet lately.  The end of my first year as a PhD student and starting a new job feel like they’ve eaten my life.  It’s been affecting my creativity too.  I’ve been a little stalled on working on my game…  but last night I got an email with the first sketches from the artist I’m working with.  It was very, very exciting.

I had a moment.  He’s not even finished yet and just seeing the work he’s done, it reinvigorates me.  It’s really time to just dive in – both feet – and just finish this thing.  I’ve been a little burned out all the way around.  Too much GMing, not enough time as a player.  Not feeling like a game is getting off the ground.  Realizing that I’m just not enjoying anything I’m running.  And my G+ hangouts debacle…  It’s felt rough.

But some great writing by Casting Shadows (his wonderful post).  Reading about Wrath of Zombie’s Frankenhack.  Getting into Castles and Crusades and enjoying the pleasures of more old school play.  Add on this new art infusion and well… things just feel brighter.

Now, to work.


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  1. I think it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit drained during your PhD program. I was; so was everyone I knew who was going through it. I hate to say it, but it only gets worse, so do make time for yourself and keep working on the things you love! Good luck on both degree and game!

    1. I second the advice to section off time for your own projects and to treat it with the same importance as the things you ‘have to do’ – you have to do this, too~

  2. Thanks for the shout out:)

    My girlfriend is getting her PhD in Toxicology. She’ll be defending soon, so I’ve seen the battle ahead o’ you, so don’ sweat it 🙂

    Keep the stuff coming when you can. Looking forward to it!

  3. Thanks all. I appreciate it. I’ve been pretty out of it lately. But I think I’m finally coming up for air… Or at least, I can see the air. It’s a start.

    And thanks for your own posting efforts too. Reading Wrath of Zombie and Casting Shadows (among others) makes being a part of the RPG blog community a really good thing.

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