Humpday Dragon

I heard this on the radio on the way home from work today and man did it make me maudlin…

I started gaming when I was 8 years old with the Moldvay Basic Set and I’m still gaming today. I’ve had love and hate for gaming and almost given it up on several occasions, parting with books and memories I’ll never get back.

Summer used to be all about gaming — and childhood memories serve to remind me that at one point D&D wasn’t all that distinct from riding mighty steeds (our bikes), fighting with swords (big, freakin’ sticks), and that after the first Tron movie came out I played a paladin with a “deadly disc.”

I’m a lot older than 8 now and I’ve basically moved on to other games. I miss Dragon magazine showing up in my mailbox or at the local store. I miss a lot of the friends I’ve lost touch with over the years, but I’m proud to be a gamer and I’m glad that our hobby endures.

I promise, no maudlin on Friday. I’ll get back to writing about gaming…

This song just brings back a lot of kid memories… and no, I’m not a big fan of the “double meaning” theory.


2 responses

  1. You’re making me nostalgic now too.
    I can even remember the first time I ever heard that tune.

    To all the assorted memories, I say, “Me too.”

  2. Nice.. Like this song 😉

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