A New Fantasy Experience

I have, many times before, mentioned that I am a sports fan. I watch a lot of tennis and a lot of the NFL. This year, for the first time, I’m indulging in the craziness of Fantasy Football.

It’s kind of stunning. The building of a team roster is akin to creating a character sheet full of variants and powers (er, players) all on the sheet to bring you the best chance of victory. Another interesting parallel for me is the two different experiences I’m having my first time out…

I’m playing two different systems with two different game engines… My first league is kinda old school. It was a random draft, played with strangers, through NFL.com. Random generation was fun — and as is predictable for me, I ended up incredibly average in my stats… (pff — Matt Ryan for my starting QB!)

My second league (with Star Wars themed teams) is a auction draft PPR league with complex scoring rules, different ways of populating your character sheet and all kinds of weirdness (through ESPN.com). I’m thoroughly smug about getting to be the Bespin Best-Men though… Who wouldn’t want Lando Calrissian as a team owner?

I figure I’ve done character building auctions before — many times — in Amber DRPG, so I should be fine (I realize these things have nothing to do with one another, but I’m trying to sound confident). And as for my random league, yeah there was totally a guy who rolled all 18’s. Next time, I want his dice.

Anyway — I won’t post about my fantasy leagues here… it’s not the place for it. But I always hear geeks make fun of Fantasy League players with the whole, “it’s just D&D for jocks” line. Well – now I’m going to experience this new fantasy frontier for myself… I’m sure by the playoffs I’ll be begging someone for a good old fashioned TPK…

Now, only 17 weeks to go!


3 responses

  1. nice, I have been doing fantasy football for about 10 years now it is pretty fun. remember to handcuff your top players šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been reading and doing research… I keep seeing that term and I still have only a vague idea what it actually means… šŸ™‚

  3. it is the idea of getting the back-ups of some of your star players whose offences tend to run through them in case they get injured. that way in case of an injury you have in essence another starter to plug in. depending on how deep your benches are it can be tuff to add players during the season that put up any kind of stats.

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