Bachelor Parties for GMs

I try not to bring my personal life into the blog but… In a few weeks, I’m getting married. My best friend has hounded me about a bachelor party (to be fair, she hounded me some, then she let up when she realized that I really didn’t want one). But now that I have some distance from the whole pressure of the situation, I want to tell you what would have been the best thing ever… seriously, I’m so incredibly sad that I didn’t think of this sooner.

Hear me out. If you have a gamer in your life who is getting married, and if said gamer is the “guy who always runs the games,” then the absolutely best thing you could do for them? Get together the people they enjoy gaming with most and just have a marathon game day where you all (wait for it) run games for them!

Don’t get me wrong – I love running games and I love being relied on to run games. But if my friends ever want to do something nice for me… dice, character sheets, and 24 hours of their unadulterated attention locked on to providing the GM with adventures. That would pretty much be heaven. I mean, I get it… I’m a dork. But how fun would that be?

We get old, we get married, we move all over hell and half of Georgia, everyone pops out babies… and gaming time evaporates like you wouldn’t believe. It was the perfect excuse and I totally let everyone down… so heed my words… gaming bachelor party.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that would be just about perfect. Suz, you’re off the hook. No worries. Maybe we can make this happen anyway – some other time.

Anyway, life’s busy right now – and I caught the crud last week – but I promise to return to posting about something other than my ridiculous love of Amber… I will. Really.

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. well congratulations that is great, surely it is not too late to wrangle together some gaming debauchery if that is how you fancy going out.

    1. Thanks for the congratulations. We’re in the home stretch for the wedding now…but hey, I have Amber – so no complaints.

  2. yeah, that sounds pretty sweet…

  3. Congratulations~

    A thousand years ago, before I moved to Korea, one of my good friends, now sadly lost to us, organized a bachelor party for me, beyond compare. He was the sort that listened to people, and acted in their best interests. He knew, that I did not want a typical drunken night of debauchery like most of our gaming associates might have planned.

    What he did was arrange for my wife-to-be to be “kidnapped.” I later found out that she spent the day relaxing at hair salons and the like. I on the other hand, heard only a recorded message telling me if I ever wanted to see her again I had to be at a certain parking garage by noon.

    A friend just happened to drop by at that moment to see if I wanted to “go somewhere and do something.” I had him give me a lift to the nearest department store and we loaded up on water pistols of all descriptions for no reason that I can remember, then picked up two more friends and went tearing into the parking garage tires screaming.

    The goon squad arranged to meet me there were pretty surprised, but also had squirt guns. I figure the planner had planted the suggestion in my driver’s head. We had a great battle, which we won, but my cries of ‘take one alive!’ went unheard.

    We had to search the bodies.

    The bodies were kind enough to lay on the cold concrete while we did this.

    Amazingly, the planner had actually foreseen this, and had planted a clue. I had to be at a coffee shop not too far away to meet “The chess player.”

    I was late arriving due to heated arguments about how safe the “come alone” proviso might be. I lost and had to accept an escort… a slow, and sometimes wheezing escort. Once I got to the coffee shop, I discovered the chess game was already in motion without me. Each piece I lost was a lie I would be told, and each piece I took was a clue. Nasty. I managed to get what I thought was a good clue and again I tore out of there. I didn’t finish the game, and I was right about the clue, so I regained some time.

    I lost that time once I realized that I had to cross the harbour to our sister city, but I managed to arrive before it was too late. Waiting for me was a femme fatale and the mastermind of the plan, and they gave me a great meal, tried to get me to call off the search, offered a bribe, and then offered me some dirty secrets about my fiancee. Interesting!

    We went out to their car and lo and behold, the wicked planner dropped a bag on my head and shoved me in his trunk and drove me to a neighboring city! They dumped me there with a partial matchbook and bus fare.

    Unbeknownst to them, I had a friend in the area and arranged to get picked up and dropped off at home where as the sun was setting, I showered and dressed in my best suit before calmly making me way to the ritzy hotel bar the matchbook had implied.

    Once there, I relaxed with a cold drink while I waited for the conspirators to show up to lay their trap. I caused a bit of a stir, but once again my friend Tom had out-thought me, and the trap was already laid. One of the bridesmaids was there, dressed to the nines, and suggesting that we go up to a room she had booked for one last fling before tying the knot.

    I was a poor sport and didn’t go for the flirting roleplay. I demanded to know the location of my bride-to-be like a good little two-dimensional hero of stout virtue, and was given an envelope, The bridesmaid departed and I checked the envelope expecting the address of a party.

    Inside was a room key and a note stating that I was going to have a lot of crap to do in the next few days, so I needed a night to relax – all expenses paid. My fiancee was already in the room, waiting with dinner.


    The planning was spectacular, the timing precise, and the recruitment of roleplayers, larpers, and regular folk made the whole thing an odd dance between the enjoyably ridiculous and the strangely real.

    I wouldn’t trade that memory for all the silicon in the world~

    1. HOLY WOW! That is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever heard. That’s a great story.

  4. I’m willing to try to put something together for an online game.
    Not the same I know, but I figure its the least your online pals could do for you.

    Can’t be Amber – I don’t have the system or know enough about it, but pick a genre and I’m certain we could put something together rather quickly.

    1. Thank you… Really, seriously, that’s super nice – but we’re in the home stretch now and I have no idea when I’d have time… I hate to even say that since you’ve made such a nice offer – but life is officially a little crazy for the next two weeks. But really… thank you. That actually made my day to read.

  5. You’re welcome.
    So maybe we’ll have to throw you a “welcome back to your blog” online game after all the craziness subsides. Just let me know and I’ll twist all their arms into volunteering to play.

  6. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

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