Old Edition D&D pdf Site? I’ve been out of touch.

So, I’ve been out of touch. I haven’t been able to blog with the frequency I want and I especially have not had time to read other blogs as much as I would like… but apparently I missed something huge. I checked the ICv2 site feed today, in a spare moment and saw a story about the new D&D web store from DTRPG being absolutely hammered it’s first day… So I went looking for said store.

Now I know I’ve been out of touch.

The store is great though. I mean, I’ve only explored in a cursory fashion but I’m excited. I love the old B-series modules being available and can’t wait to pick up a few of them. And if/when they add the Thunder Rift stuff I might actually explode. Really.

Of course, when I’ll have time to fully mess with the store is another question.

I’m wondering if anyone has purchased anything yet. How do the PDFs look? Does it work just like DriveThruRPG? Sorry, still soaking it in. Still excited.


4 responses

  1. The PDFs look great (a really outstanding OCR job on the old stuff, the newer stuff was made from digital sources, plus everything’s bookmarked). You can get the B1 module for free this week.

  2. PDFs are looking really good, the site works just like DTRPG, so it’s really easy to use.

  3. FREE THIS WEEK. I just want to highlight what Kerry wrote so you do not miss In Search of the Unknown. Don’t be too busy to miss that. Then you can see the scan for yourself. The word is they have rescanned everything (presumably, everything that needed to be re-scanned). Also, IF you had the original PDFs on DTRPG and lost them when they were yanked 4 years ago, you should know you will have access to them again AND get the updates/re-scans as those get published. See last comment here: http://www.examiner.com/article/dungeons-dragons-returns-to-pdf-with-dndclassics-com

  4. This is all great to hear. I’ll dive in tonight and make sure to do a little shopping! Thanks for the comments.

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