Two Other Things You Should Read

Sometimes there are people doing or saying interesting or important things that you just want to share… So I want to promote a couple of pieces of work by others today that I think are worth sharing and reading/exploring.

First, a great editorial by Greg Rucka about the new Man of Steel movie (well, not about it precisely). I appreciate what Mr. Rucka has to say here. I think that Warner/DC could take a lesson from this – and from what Marvel has been doing with their movies. Not that Marvel has always had perfect movies mind you… but they realized that superheroes are fun. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America – all the way to the Avengers – didn’t tell their stories with a sneer but with a smile. The laughs in Thor were what made that movie work, more than anything else… and Thor is a pretty solid candidate for straight-man of the Avengers if ever there was one.

But Mr. Rucka is saying something important… Superman does not need to be “dark” or “realistic” to have merit. Superman needs to be inspiring… and I am hoping more than anything that this new movie achieves that.

And I don’t think there is anything wrong with comics/stories about superheroes that are not all about “fun.” I enjoyed The Dark Knight Returns, I enjoyed Knightfall, and probably some of my favorite Batman stories of all time came out of Greg Rucka’s time on Batman writing No Man’s Land. But what always makes Batman work for me is completely lost in the newest set of Nolan-verse movies. I realize it is not a popular opinion but I absolutely hate Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. I feel that they weren’t very good movies – but even more so – they weren’t very good Batman movies. I’ll move on.

Just take a moment with Mr. Rucka’s editorial and see what you think.

The second thing I wanted to point to was a recent collection effort by Wrath of Zombie. I’ve always enjoyed the heck out of his blog and I love what he did, asking people to put forth what they think is their best. I’ve been tripping slowly through the list and there is so much good **** here that I really do not know when I’ll find the time to get through it all. I regret only that I couldn’t come up with anything I felt right enough about to share with his list… so I’m doing my part by giving it a little extra press.

Check out this post – it is a great idea and brings together too many great ideas for me to even explain – you have to browse it for yourself.


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  1. Thanks for the praise:) Thanks for pimping my pimped up sh!T! 🙂

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