Inspiration from Old Work and Changes for the Rhetorical Gamer

I’ve made some changes. That should be obvious. I’ve carried my previous look for a couple of years now and honestly, though it was a favorite, I wanted something a little more colorful, more modern, without completely losing my mind.

I’ve added and subtracted while making this change as well.

I’ve added a Downloads page. Stop by and check it out. I love to read quite a few of the blogs out there in our community – and I enjoy the theory blogs and the conversational blogs but I’m fascinated by the “I’m always cranking out new stuff!” blogs. I’ve been gameless for about three months now and I’m devoting my gaming energies to working on some projects I’d set aside. I’ll keep adding to the Downloads page – and I’ll post updates.

For now, I’ve added a new version of my Mary Sue RPG – I took a little time to actually work on layout – and while it is not perfect, it was a fun project and a fun, (very) little game. It very much reflects my thinking as a gamer which is vague, minimalist, and player-driven, but with a strong GM working as the facilitator and centering agent of the group.

I’ve put up all the content I’ve so far created on this blog for systems ranging from AGE to D&D 4E and if anyone enjoys it, I’m happy.

Over the next few days I’ll tweak the original document of my 2004 RPG that I created, Legends of Ryllia, to try and get it into a presentable PDF for download. This game meant a lot to me and I’ll write about it when I put it up for the world.

I’ve also been trimming my blogroll. If I haven’t seen a post in 2013, I dropped the blog. I’ll probably trim even more over the next six months depending on posting habits. I really enjoyed several of the blogs I dropped from the list so I’m sad to see them dormant.

But the important thing is the downloads. I’m challenging myself to go back to being a tinkerer and a producer. No more idle following – I wanna put up some content! I won’t stop writing other types of posts, far from it, but I will be making more content to add to the downloads page.

It’s been three and half years – and it’s still fun – so, thanks for reading, check out the Downloads page, and let me know what you think of the changes!


2 responses

  1. This needs a Twitter share. I’ve been silent because I am working on my own back-burnered-project(s) but I check in.

  2. I had the same snapback myself not too long ago. I have some major life changes around the corner and I realized that I wanted to finish what I started (though it barely resembles the original product) and publish the rules set I’ve been tinkering with that last 4 years. Being gameless and recently getting back in touch with my P&P friends has reinvigorated my creative muscle.

    As always I’m looking forward to seeing what you put out. I know that whenever I drop by I can look forward to an insightful post and now I can look forward to tinkerings as well.

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