Technical Issues

Not a fan of the… “sorry I haven’t posted” type of post – but I wanted to share my pain. Right in the middle of three projects and my computer…

…my computer has created a black hole of awful that we are still recovering from.

So just a quick post today.

Saw some comments about my BoL/Shadowrun project – still plugging away at that and will start putting stuff up as soon as I’m live again.

Also straightened out the PDF of my old game, Legends of Ryllia – which I hope to have up early next week… that was a trip down memory lane. I’m actually a little excited about sharing it with the world. It’s raw, but like I said, lots of memories.

Finally caught up on the Harry Dresden novels – fantastic. I still don’t get how The Dresden Files can be so good and the Codex Alera was so awful…

But, stay tuned – I’ll get the computer up and live again soon and then – early next week I’ll be back with some gaming goodness (well, I guess all of you will be the judge of that).


6 responses

  1. So have you dropped the plan to play Arcanum again?

    1. Not really. I’d love to be running Arcanum – I just don’t have a group right now… so I’m keeping myself busy with projects.

  2. Dave Kleinfelt | Reply

    Good to hear that Shadowrun/Dogs of War is forthcoming – maybe drop a line about it at Lords of Lemuria as well, to pique interest. I am a bit surprised by the rather low amount of hacks for BoL and Mini 6, compared to Savage Worlds, for instance – it would be easier to convert to the former two to my understanding, but I have a theory that most BoLers are rather lazy… 🙂 I have done a few for personal use (not publishable); one Western and one sci-fi, and it is the boons/flaws that takes time imo.
    There has also been talks/attempts to convert Star Wars to BoL but no concrete has surfaced. Would love that as much as the Shadowrun setting, finally playable.

    Regarding ShadowHack – would be sweet to get those fonts and overall look for the DoW/ShadRun character sheet and conversion, hint hint.

    Bring the noise!

  3. Huh… I hadn’t really considered trying to track down any of the fonts… I’m not really looking to “publish” this Shadowrun/BoL thing either. I’m doing it for myself and I’ll share it here just for fun.

    But I’ll definitely drop a line when I get it up on the blog.

  4. Still waiting to get my hands on the 5th edition of SR, with no intention of using the rules as written – I will stick with a Dogs of War/BoL-conversion.

    I guess Cyberwear etc are easiest to handle as boons/flaws, but rules for mages and shamans might be harder to get right.

    There are some BoL gone Cyberpunk discussions here that might be useful for your conversion:

  5. cauldronofevil | Reply

    Funny, I just read your origonal post about ‘Ryllia’ (which links to here) and it reminded me an aweful lot of ‘BoL’. I’d LOVE to see what you’ve done with it and Shadowrun!

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