Contacts in Shadowrun/Dogs of War

I’m still trying to come up with a good name for this hack… “Runners of the Shadows” just sounds weird. Oh well.

I’ve been plugging away at this in my spare time but the end of the summer/beginning of the academic year is a really awful time for me. Things are just starting to settle down again so I’ll be back to posting more often.

Anyway, here’s some rules for Contacts in “Runners in the Shadows.” (still hate that…)

Contacts for DOW/Shadowrun

Contacts are a vital part of Shadowrun. As important as gear, as important as your team – who you know can be the difference between life and death. Knowledge is power, chummer.

The basic “Contacts” boon in Dogs of War is adequate, if you like it – but since contacts and legwork play such a vital role in most shadowruns, I felt like everyone should start the game with some contacts. I also like random rolls.

  • Every Runner gets one contact at character creation for free. This contact is determined by rolling 2d6 – one for Connection and one for Loyalty.
  • A player can give up two of their initial Run Points to purchase an additional Contact
  • Runners with points in the Face career gain one additional randomly rolled contact for each level in the Face Career

Beyond these rules, each PC may also call upon one random contact per mission by spending a Run Point. These random contacts are rolled like original contacts but their Connection and Loyalty can never by higher than 3. (Roll 1d6/2) for each of Connection and Loyalty.

Players should define these contacts with a single sentence – “This contact is a [something] who knows/does/sells/works for [something].” (Example: My contact is a talismonger who works for the mob…)

A GM should keep track of these impromptu contacts to start building a stable of NPCs. A PC can always spend a Run Point to use one of these contacts again in a future session.

New Boon: Connected
A PC with this boon may roll a bonus die when determining the Connection and Loyalty of contacts and may keep the best two dice. A PC with this boon also gains one additional permanent contact when the boon is acquired.

New Drawback: Burned
A PC with this drawback is forced to roll a penalty die when rolling for random contacts and they must always take the lowest die for loyalty.

So, that’s my simple and yet random system for injecting a good bit of “Contacts” into my Shadowrun/DOW hack. I really like the idea but it does need some tweaking still

PS – my inspiration for the sentence to describe contacts popped up over the last few days while I’ve been reading Numenera. If you prefer more or less detail on contacts – go for it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with more from the 2070s.


5 responses

  1. Sweet! Keep em coming!

  2. There are some interesting ideas here about an easier Matrix, that could perhaps be mined in order to BoL:ize that area.

  3. Seems the name “Runners in the Shadows” sounds better. “Shadow Wars” might make a good mash-up of the two also, or maybe to tease a bit “Dog Run”.

  4. Runners in the Shadows does sound better. I might go with that. Dog Run is silly but awesome. I got a good chuckle out of that today.

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