One Fireball…

…and everyone dies.

So my ACKS game came to an abrupt end the other week. The players took on a serious stronghold of bugbears and goblins (even a few ogres). They were actually doing pretty well – they had wiped out the bugbears and were on their way out of the dungeon with a boatload of loot (literally, the group had a boat waiting for them). Then a wandering group of goblins with a witchdoctor ran bumped into them and one fireball – and a few failed saves – later and the party was wiped. A sad but appropriate end to an old school gaming group.

We decided to take a break from ACKS for a while. I’m actually looking forward to trying something new. The ACKS experiment was a ton of fun and I’ll definitely be going back to ACKS the next time I want to run a version of D&D. It’s a really great old school clone and it’s everything I wanted.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Houses of the Blooded lately and I’m really thinking that I’m interested in the challenge of running a FATE style game. I know I’ve often written about how FATE really isn’t my cup of tea (or whatever) but the world of Houses, the Ven and Shanri really appeal to everything I love to do in games and I have no problem with a game that is all about players building the story. It’s a strange dichotomy but Houses really appeals to the tragic side of my personality. Talk about a game full of Drama.

We’ll see where this goes… I’m also thinking about running some Fantasy Flight Star Wars. Too many episodes of the Clone Wars on Netflix will do that to you.

Ugh, this post is really just empty rumination.

More to come… I just wanted to get back to writing.


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