Masters (of the Universe) Monday: Mekaneck

I’ve been watching the 2002-2003 remake of the Masters of the Universe (MotU) lately and I must say that I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s inspired me to give a day of the week to these fantastic characters and I always thought that if I decided to stat these characters out, I’d use Simon Washbourne’s game, SUPERS.

As SUPERS has recently been given a revision/2e treatment I thought it was the perfect time to take on this project.

For the first Master, I thought we’d start with a guy who was always one of my favorite toys… Mekaneck

For a history and more details about the character, check out his entry at the Wiki Grayskull. Described as a “Heroic Human Periscope,” the range of Mekaneck’s abilities did seem to broaden somewhat in the 2002 series and in his recent comic book appearances in the new DC series. I’m basing the write-up below on mainly those sources.

Mekaneck [20D]
Concept: Heroic Human Periscope
Composure 2D
Fortitude 3D
Reaction 3D
Will 2D

Aircraft 2D [1]
Athleticism 3D [2]
Awareness 3D [2]
Fighting 3D [2]
Vehicles 2D [1]

Stretching 5D (Limited to Neck Only (2D bonus)) [3]
Super Senses (Night Vision, Telescopic Vision) 1D (Extra Senses 1D) [4]

Mental Hindrance (Low Self Esteem) (1D) [-1]

Compentency Dice 1D

One of the heroic warriors who could almost be called a “lovable loser,” Mekaneck is nonetheless a character who seems to be very involved in the action and seems to stay close to Teela and Duncan. He was one of my inspirations to use SUPERS! as he uses his stretching as a weapon as often as just to act as a periscope.

More to come each Monday – next up – Beastman!


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