Masters (of the Universe) Monday

I’ve been watching the 2002-2003 remake of the Masters of the Universe (MotU) lately and I must say that I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s inspired me to give a day of the week to these fantastic characters and I always thought that if I decided to stat these characters out, I’d use Simon Washbourne’s game, SUPERS.

As SUPERS has recently been given a revision/2e treatment I thought it was the perfect time to take on this project.

Last week I wrote up Mekaneck – a personal favorite – so I thought I’d start the villains this week with the first MotU toy I ever had – Beast Man!

For a history and more details about the character, check out his entry at the Wiki Grayskull. Described as a “Savage Henchman,” Beast Man seems to range in ability quite a bit from appearance to appearance. I’m going to go middle of the road and try to make a version faithful to the 2002 cartoon.

Beast Man [20D]
Concept: Savage Henchman

Composure 1D
Fortitude 4D
Reaction 4D
Will 1D

Animal Handling 3D
Athleticism 3D
Fighting 4D
Survival 3D

Beast Control 5D (Telepathy, Mind Control Only, Only on Beasts; [-2D])
Super Strength 3D

Social Hindrance (Uncouth) [-1D]

Compentency Dice 0D

So, there is no Beast Control power in SUPERS!. I realize I could have just given him the Animal Friendship advantage but I really wanted him to control the beasts rather than have an affinity to them. I made it pretty strong as he controls some pretty serious monsters in the cartoon. Otherwise, he’s basically just a savage. I hope you like him.

More to come each Monday – next up – another lovable loser – Ram Man!


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