Masters of the Universe… Tuesday(?)

So apparently, me and technology are not friends. Well, I mainly blame basic math skills when I was setting the scheduler to publish this post.

Day late – but please enjoy the newest Master of the Universe made using the rules for SUPERS!.

It may actually be appropriate to be a little slow with this one… meet, Ram Man.

For a history and more details about the character, check out his entry at the Wiki Grayskull. Described as a “Heroic Human Battering Ram,” Ram Man changes quite a bit between his appearances. In the early comics he is a surly loner looking for a fight, then comic relief, and finally, in the 2002 show, he’s actually something of a Volstagg like character who is a noble warrior and good friend but he’s also got the whole always eating, big guy thing going on. I can imagine Ram Man, Volstagg, and Gerard from Amber hunkering down for a night of hard drinking and turkey legs followed up by ridiculous contests of brawn. If anyone would like to fanfic that for me, it’d be awesome.

Ram Man [20D]
Concept: Heroic Human Battering Ram
Ram Man
Composure 2D
Fortitude 4D
Reaction 2D
Will 2D

Athleticism 3D
Fighting 4D
Vehicles 2D

Super Weaponry (Head Ram) 6D

Phobia (Darkness) [-1D]

Compentency Dice 3D

This is a little bit of a cheat. I didn’t really feel like I needed to differentiate between his ability to ram when wearing his armor and when he’s not. If you feel like that is a distinction you want, make that change. Also, to make him a little more like the 80s version, feel free to add Super Leap 1D.

More to come each Monday (and I mean Monday this time!). Next up I’ll go back to the Evil Warriors and detail the first magical character — Evil-Lyn.


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