Masters (of the Universe) Monday

Posted on time this week – you know the drill – please enjoy the newest Master of the Universe made using the rules for SUPERS!.

Never one of my favorite characters when I was a kid, she gets better in the 2002 reboot, but especially in the current comic book incarnation… Evil-Lyn

For a history and more details about the character, check out her entry at the Wiki Grayskull. Described as the “Evil Warrior Goddess,” Evil-Lyn is not really much of a fighter. She’s one of the most powerful magic-users on Eternia though and more than capable of holding her own, even against He-Man.

Evil-Lyn [20D]
Concept: Evil Warrior Goddess
Composure 3D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 3D
Will 3D

Occultism 3D
Presence 3D

Wizardry 3D/5D (Device: Easily taken, Staff, adds 2D to Wizardry) (total cost: 9D)


Compentency Dice 0D

I’m taking some liberties with the SUPERS! rules here. Nothing in the book mentions partial complications for powers, but I needed to model the fact that most of the magic users in the show have focus objects. My assumption is that, since they can still use their powers when they don’t have their focus, the focus just improves their ability. So, I went with a partial modifier to her Wizardry power.

More to come each Monday (and I mean Monday this time!). Next up I’ll go back to the Masters with Stratos.


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