RPGaDay: Day 6

August 6th.

Most Recent RPG Played

This is a fairly simple one. A friend of mine ran a pretty long D&D 5e game. We got a good chance to try out 5th edition, which is a fun game, and we all enjoyed ourselves. I’ve written about the good things that I enjoyed with 5th Ed.

The thing we learned during the game I played in is that 5e can be deadly. The return of some old-school sensibilities to 5e is fun but seriously, we lost so many companions in the course of this campaign…

Let us remember.

Lisseth, Half-Elf Dragonblood Sorcerer
Lathriel, Half-Elf Paladin
Human Monk (lasted like one session)
Dwizzen, Halfling Bard
Stien, Dwarf Barbarian
Dave, Elf Rogue
Wizzen, Halfling Rogue
Arion, Half-Elf Warlock
Iris, Half-Elf Druid
Dain, Dwarf Fighter
Galya, Human Cleric

And all this within the first 6 levels of play.



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