RPGaDay: Day 7

August 7th.

Favorite Free RPG

Huh. So many free RPGs. And it’s an interesting thing that there are so many free RPGs it’s hard for me to choose one as a favorite.

I could be that guy and plug one of my creations… you can find them to download on this site but that’s all I’ll say about that.

It’s also tempting to say Talislanta. The fact that all the editions of Talislanta are just hanging out on a website for free is amazing. The Bard Games edition of this is one of my favorite games. Reading this as a kid, it really changed a lot of my thinking about games. The “No Elves” ads in Dragon Magazine used to always make me smile. But even though it’s free now, Talislanta was a commercial game for several companies for a long time and so I feel a little weird giving it the full, free recognition.

But when I really think about it, I’d have to say that my favorite Free RPG is proably Old School Hack. Now, I’ve never run OSH, but it was a gateway for me. When I started blogging, started hearing about the OSR, and started looking at the massive online community for games, especially Indie games, it was the first that I downloaded, read, and it pushed me to look into other games. The mechanics are clever, the writing is excellent, and it is a game I’d like to try to run some time.

There are so many fine free RPGs, and I suggest the Free RPG Blog if you’d like to investigate any of them.


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