RPGaDay 2015: Day 8

August 8th.

Favorite Appearance of RPGs in the Media
Does it have to be popular media? I mean, there are some pretty awesome references to D&D in media. Buffy Season 7, with the team playing D&D before the big fight… and referencing Trogdor on top of that. Good times. I’m also a big fan of Vin Diesel having the name of his first D&D character as one of his tattoos in XXX. But perhaps that was a little obscure for the average viewer.

But here’s something I love. One of my favorite musical acts and someone I always look forward to seeing at cons… If you haven’t heard Mikey Mason, then you’ve really missed out. He’s funny, genuine, and a great songwriter. The best part is, he loves gaming and loves to write and sing about it.

He has this song, it’s about D&D (he has a couple of songs about D&D) and playing the best game ever. It’s called, Best Game Ever. Enjoy it and after you hear it, check out Summer of 83 for another great D&D song.

So, maybe that’s a little bit of a cheat – celebrating D&D in song – but I’m always happy to share the joy of Mikey Mason’s music with my fellow gamers.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the song, and I’ll be back tomorrow.


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