RPGaDay 2015: Day 10

August 10th.

Favorite RPG Publisher

Today, I’ll keep this pretty simple. There are many fine publishers and some that I’d love to point out. As far as “big names” go, I’m a huge fan of Catalyst Game Labs. On the small press side, I really like Simon Washbourne and Beyond Belief Games. I’m sure that if I tried to make a real list, I’d forget some great publishers…

At the end of the day, I suppose the best way for me to keep this straightforward is to mention my favorite publisher right now. And that would be Autarch, the publisher of Adventurer Conqueror King System. When I was introduced to ACKS, I was very impressed with the quality of the PDFs and the physical books they produced. I appreciated the very clean presentation mixed with old school design sensibilities. It’s also worth mentioning that I very much enjoy the game they publish as well.

So far, they have a fairly small catalog but it is growing. Autarch uses Kickstarter well and creates interesting products. They also have a responsive, respectful, community. I’m not a big fan of forum communities but the Autarch forums have been a great place for learning more about the game and the designers frequently join conversations and are very connected to their player base. Sure, it’s a smaller player base than say, Wizards of the Coast, but the level of communication is very appreciated.

Overall, right now, Autarch is a game publisher that is doing it right and is my favorite.

Thanks for reading.


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