ACKS on the Borderlands

So the experiment of running Keep on the Borderlands has been exciting. Four sessions in and our first character has achieved 2nd level (the Thief, of course).

We haven’t made it to the Caves of Chaos, though the party has discovered my version of the Cave of the Unknown. I’m pleased by this as it gives me a chance to design my own dungeon. The Temple of the Thunder Prince is going to be a real test for the party.

Well, if they should choose to go back in… they seemed a little unnerved by all the Chaos runes around the entrance.

One thing I’ve been enjoying in this campaign so far (and had a similar experience in my last campaign) is the fun that comes from just trusting the process and letting it happen. Four sessions and we’ve had some crazy stuff happen. The party has had a couple of flyovers by a green dragon and a manticore. We’ve had several deaths and new characters introduced. And most of it is emergent play that I don’t have to feel solely responsible for creating on the fly. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making stuff up but there is a kind of magic to incorporating the weirdness of rolling up a random wilderness encounter and realizing that you just rolled up a green dragon… for first level characters.

And it’s fun to return to the Keep as well. This place is full of people but none of them are defined. Outlining the personalities and histories of the NPCs who inhabit the keep (Fort Gar in my game) has been a blast. It’s like being a ten-year old again. In a good way.

So, I’m going to start posting my actual play write-ups over at the Autarch Actual Play Forum (What a great thing that they have this forum – it’s a blast to read). If you are at all interested in ACKS, you should jump over there and check it out. There are many great game write ups there.

I’m pretty sure this post is nothing more than effusive rambling… but as always, thanks for reading.


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