RPGaDay 2015: Day 15

August 15th.

Longest Campaign Played

The last few days of this RPGaDay have been tough. I haven’t really known how to respond to things like podcasts and accessories. I’m digging the idea of today’s post though.

Asking about longest campaign “played” starts me off with a question. Does that mean a campaign I was a player in? Is the GM a player? Tough to say.

If I answer about the longest campaign I’ve been a player in – it would have to a D6 Star Wars game run by John M. We played the heck out of that game. Starting with force-sensitive Gilly on a backwater world using her powers to wrangle star cattle for a crime boss, she met other members of the party and played for several years, including retiring the character and then coming back to her after a break. She fell to the dark side, got a lecture from Luke Skywalker the day she taught at his Jedi Academy (she only got to teach for one day), got married, had kids… in short, it was a game that truly touched on all my favorite parts of RPGs. There were periods of high action, periods of introspection, a lot of freedom to develop our characters personal lives. It was a good time.

Ultimately, Gilly is the longest running (roughly two years of play time) character that I’ve had the chance to play in a campaign. She meant a lot to me. I feel like the campaign was so strong that I could go back to that world and that group right now and feel like no time had passed.

Our GM gave us a lot of freedom and put many challenges in our path (including several of the original West End Games adventures). He encouraged us to roleplay and to explore our characters. He ran the game with characters at significantly different power levels. He was tough on us, fair to us, and used our own desires against us in play – in the best way.

Not sure if he ever had a name for that campaign or not, but it is the longest experience I have as a player and one that has never really ended in my mind. We retired those characters once before, after all…

Oh – and one more thing. We started that game with Pre-Gens handed to us by the GM. He built everything to start – together we built everything that came after.

As always, thanks for reading.


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