RPGaDay 2015: Day 16

August 16th.

Longest Game Session Played

Who hasn’t pulled an all-nighter on a 12 or 15 hour gaming session? Well, okay, to be fair, I’ve actually only done this a couple of times. The Star Wars campaign I wrote about yesterday is one time we did this – staying up all night once to run a series of adventure bits. Of course, even though it was all one session, we did switch out game masters, play with a set of one-off characters, and eventually collapsed.

Also, when I was in High School, my friend and our girlfriends once spend a long evening playing Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. While it was a good time, what made it somewhat unique is that we did this at our After-Prom. We got a few strange looks during that night.

Probably my best longest game experience was the night I learned to Battletech. 17 straight hours of classic Battletech, 3025-style. It was pretty much a Mountain Dew fueled religious experience for a 15 year old gamer. I played a Locust and a Trebuchet. The Trebuchet made it. The Locust did not make it. It took a while before I got to play Battletech again after that, but I read everything I could get my hands on and to this day, I have the same problem… Still in love with Battletech and not enough chances to play it. But I have strong, very fond memories of that 17 hours to tide me over.

Thanks for reading.


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