RPGaDay 2015: Day 21

August 21st.

Favorite RPG Setting

There are so many great settings. Without a doubt, roleplaying has generated some incredible world-building over the last few decades. Greyhawk, The Known World, the future world of Shadowrun, and that’s not to mention how many licensed properties have been expanded by their RPG appearances.

The answer to this one is tough for me. I love Amber. As much as I love the diceless game based on it, I love the setting just as much. The court of Amber and the Courts of Chaos, the realm of infinite Shadow, and all the amazing personalities inhabiting that universe.

But there is another setting I may love just as much, though I’m not sure if it’s a cop out to call it an RPG setting, as it is more related to a wargame. The Battletech universe is one the richest and most developed universes in gaming. With hundreds of years of recorded history, a long developing saga, and a huge, well-developed cast of characters. I have long loved and followed the world of Battletech ever since I read a random copy of the Star League book.

Of course, they’re both excellent choices, so much like choosing a “best friend” I’m not sure it’s fair to pick one over the other. So Amber or Battletech, both are excellent favorites to have.

Thanks for reading.


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