RPGaDay 2015: Day 24

August 24th.

Favorite House Rule

I don’t house rule much. Overall, I tend to favor playing games the way they are written. I also tend to embrace the rulings over rules style of play where I’m happier to make a ruling in the moment and if I’m wrong later then I’ll just admit and we’ll do it right the next time.

One house rule I do tend to have for most D&D style games – though I have abandoned this rule for Adventurer Conqueror King System. During the 3rd Edition/3.5 era and extending into 4th Edition, I was incredibly reluctant to allow PCs to be raised from the dead. I effectively banned any “back from the dead” spells.

It was an interesting phase for me as a GM. I want to tread lightly as I try to explain, but overall, I think it was the no consequences power gaming feel of this era of D&D that led me to want the dead to stay dead. ACKS, and several other games have real consequences for dying and alternatives for returns. And consequences, I have discovered, mean a lot to me as a player and a DM.

So, favorite house rule? Yeah, the dead stay dead (or undead).

Thanks for reading.


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