Fallout 4

My adventures in the Commonwealth proceed apace.

It is rare that I am completely absorbed by a videogame. I came rather late to enjoying this form of game and it takes something that fits me very well to generate obsession. Oblivion did it, Mass Effect did it, but even though I have enjoyed other games… no obsession.

I am completely in love with Fallout 4. I had a week off of work and I’m pretty sure that I only saw the sun because I had to leave the house once or twice, you know, for necessities.

My wife has just started her third character. I’m playing my third character. I took the first to level 20’ish and the second into the mid 30’s. The new guy is level 8. I’ve played the game intensely. I love the settlement building aspects, I love the NPCs, and I enjoy the heck out of the ability to choose just how involved with the main quest you care to be because there are literally 1.83 billion other choices for  how to live your life in this Wasteland.

So far, I’ve been only working with the Minutemen and the Railroad. Mostly the Minutemen. But I intend another play through dedicated to doing the Brotherhood of Steel thing. Really looking forward to that.

The settlement building aspect has enthralled me completely. Though I’m still getting the hang of constructing interesting buildings, and my first two plays involved some epic fails with setting up my supply lines in an efficient manner, I just can’t get enough of building settlements, attracting new people, giving them new clothes (and new guns), and putting them to the great work of reclaiming the Commonwealth.

One problem I’ve encountered was Provisioners. The folks who run your supply lines. Once you’ve assigned them it is nearly impossible to keep track of them because they are always on the road and don’t really have any way to mark their point of origin or destination.

My solution to this problem was based in thinking like a role-player. Here’s what I do. For each provisioner, right before I assign them a route, I go to the Weapon Workbench and I rename a gun with their route – for example, Sunshine to Starlight – and then I present that gun to the Provision as a trust that they will carry out this vital duty to our coalition of settlements. Now, when I encounter them anywhere I can simply ask to trade and see, right in their inventory, their engraved gun with their route clearly marked.

It’s silly, but the life of the mind roleplaying that I can use to “make my own fun” in a game like Fallout 4 really does make an already great game better. By solving a problem with a roleplaying solution, using the existing tools of the game, I have given myself an added layer of fun and fixed my issue.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend Fallout 4. It offers many layers of interesting game play and different ways to experience the game whether you want to be a community leader, a warrior, a nice-guy, or just about whatever. I have found, that with my first character I was seriously just all over the place with what I was doing and how. My second character was so regimented that I didn’t actually take the time to really enjoy them. With this third character I’m finding the middle ground. I have a plan for what I want to accomplish and what I want to experience but I’m also just taking what the game throws at me.

Fallout 4 has a few flaws. Like Oblivion, Skyrim, and other Bethesda games, the Main Quest is seemingly less important or interesting that many of the other options the game offers (and has a very odd storyline problem that I won’t discuss because spoilers). It also has a few hiccups and bugs that Jenny and I are discovering on the PS4 version (I’m a console guy – what can I say) but these have been extremely minor so far and haven’t hurt our game experience.

So yeah, if you were seduced by Star Wars Battlefront or Tomb Raider and didn’t get to the Commonwealth yet, put on your Pip Boy and come join me, I probably even built a bed for you.


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  1. Jesse (Darth Behn) | Reply

    I’ve been hearing good things about the latest iteration of the game and am tip-toeing into the possibility about purchasing. One aspect a friend of mine mentioned was each factions different treatment towards Synths which gave the game a bit of a moralistic flavor.

  2. It is quite fun. And the synth question can be a huge part of the game or a small part of the game, depending on what you choose to do. I’ve really enjoyed the synth aspect though.

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