All I Want for Xmas…

…is a little Thunder Rift.

First, let me say that I have truly enjoyed Wizards of the Coast putting the back catalog of D&D products on sale as PDFs. Being able to browse through and own all of those old modules in a nice digital format has been a lovely stroll down memory lane. It even inspired me to try my hand at running Keep on the Borderlands again after all these years (decades).

But after an initial surge where we saw a huge amount of D&D stuff posted, suddenly, the shift has been almost entirely to the 4E era. The 4E Dragon and Dungeon were disasters – and I am of that opinion despite initially playing the heck out of 4E – which are probably easy to republish since they were digital-only to begin with.

Where’s the 90s D&D? The Black Box re-release of OD&D that came out around the time of the Rules Cyclopedia and the awesome boxed campaigns that came out of that time with goblins, and undead fighters, and dragon lairs were tons of fun.

Most of all though, I want Thunder Rift back. I owned all the Thunder Rift products (save one adventure) and have run two campaigns set in a (scaled up) version of the Rift that remain some of my fondest memories of that time in gaming. There were other adventures from that era as well, Eye of Traldar, Arena of Thyatis. Now, I was running a lot more AD&D 2nd edition those days, but I used these D&D products all the time and often preferred them to the adventures being released for 2e.

So, Wizards, all I want is a little 90s OD&D love. As much as I enjoyed your 4th Edition era release of Gamma World… if you want to make me a happy little guy this holiday season, bring back the Rift.


2 responses

  1. And here I was expecting something on the Gray Death Legion…!

  2. As much as I love Battletech, I feel like Harebrained Schemes has given me two years worth of presents to look forward to (though they’ll hit closer to my next two birthdays if the schedule stays true).

    Just really sad not to see a lot of love for the OD&D products of the 90s. TSR may have been going down the drain during that time but they still produced some amazing stuff.

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